IMG_20171227_092605_01The genesis of “Traveler Trivia” was a love of travel, geography, and the world in general.

Scott Hicks, “Mr. Geo Quiz,” creates the geography trivia quiz questions for “Traveler Trivia.” He has a proven track record of getting lost in new cities, mangling non-English languages, and generally looking confused when in unfamiliar places.

For years he looked forward to receiving his monthly copy of National Geographic magazine for its included card with five challenging geography quiz questions. These question cards were discontinued, so hopefully they’ll come back one day, but either way Scott has fun creating his own geography and travel-related questions for you to enjoy.

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WordPress currently has a software bug that breaks those quizzes that are rendered for “Older Posts” — I have made Automattic (WordPress’s parent company) aware of this issue, and the development team has an issue report. So hopefully this problem will be resolved soon. In the meantime, if you come across a quiz in “Older Posts” that has answers that are unresponsive when you select them, open the individual quiz question (select the question) to get the quiz working again.

Email Scott with your compliments, complaints, suggestions, and questions at: travelertrivia|AT| gmail |DOT| com